Home Tutoring - Parent Hubs - Online Tuition - Exam Coaching

Home Tutoring  I tutor GCSE and A Level English Language and English Literature. Suitable objectives and approaches will be discussed with students and parents/carers during the initial session. 

    I will travel to clients homes in Shropshire, Worcestershire, Wolverhampton, Telford and Dudley, subject to availability. 

Parent Hubs  Friends of a student often need similar support. In this case you might consider starting a parent hub.  To start a parent hub, you can just arrange for one or more additional students to be tutored together with your child, in your home. All students will receive economically priced tuition, still in a small enough group to guarantee individualised support.

Online Tuition Many students find they are able to learn just as effectively online as they can in person. This method of learning can have significant advantages, such as live collaborative editing facilities and multi-media interaction. I regularly utilise Zoom, Google Classroom and Google Share, with full parental consultation,  to deliver 1-1 dedicated lessons to students. 

Exam Coaching  For students who prefer a solely exam focussed model, I offer a marking and feedback service. Students choosing this option can access practice papers, return them to me, and have them graded with full feedback notes for development. See the 'pricing' page for further details of this service.