Project Wilding aims to provide tutees with the opportunity to study English through the lens of a truly enthralling subject, that affects all our lives.

  • Did you know that wild lynx, bears and wolves used to roam the English countryside?

  • What do you think of putting them back? Could we live alongside them?

  • Do you know how beneficial other, long-absent species would be to the environment: beavers, pine martins and moose, to name a few? Do you know that there are current projects to reintroduce some of these species?

  • Have you heard of the ones we cannot reintroduce- the ones that are extinct?  -the aurochs, Irish elk, and scimitar-toothed cat?

  • Have you considered what you can do to help protect the environment? Could you even help to revive it?

Many students get bored with the texts studied at school, or just don't see the relevance of English to their own lives. Project wilding gives students the option of signing up to a topic of enormous social and personal importance, and demonstrates a real purpose to the study of English, beyond just securing the requisite grades. 

Sign up to project wilding:

  • Study some excellent fiction and non-fiction texts, specifically on themes of Ecology, the environment, biodiversity, and rewilding.

  • Practise writing engaging fiction, and informative and persuasive non-fiction texts around these highly emotive and topical debates.

  • Make regular donations to Bastion's named charity, at no extra cost to yourself.

  • Experience how the skills learnt in English can make a real difference, in the real world, in your community. Be the change.

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Wildlife scene from nature. Walking Eura
Plastic pollution in ocean environmental